About Us

Guruz Media is a full service media company made up of a team of people that thrive on helping brands find creative ways to grow. We love working closely with our clients and their teams to explore and execute innovative ways to get their message out. The Guruz team can assist you with anything from developing a new web site or app to generating valuable content in the form of videos, photography, or content development. We however also have a number of areas of specialty where Guruz can give you a significant competitive edge. Our specialty practices include Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Sales Channel Marketing, Product Launch Strategy and a focus on Musician-focusedMarketing for brands in the musical instrument products industry.

From your very first communication with Guruz Media, you will discover that our approach is very different. We won’t try to sell you on how great we are, but rather we focus on how great your business can be. Your goals and needs will be at the center of all that we do from preparing a proposal through full execution of your marketing strategy.

Our Holistic Approach

Just as the holistic approach to medicine treats the whole person and not one symptom, the Guruz Media Holistic Approach to marketing builds the client’s entire marketing presence, not just in one medium. Our clients get a group of actions, distinctly blended together for them, crafted for maximum impact. There is significant added power when multiple marketing elements are correctly in sync and our holistic approach focuses on unlocking that power for our clients.

Our Services

To allow us to provide a holistic and highly customized solution to our clients, we have developed a wide range of Guruz capabilities. Based on your goals and needs, we will engage those capabilities that best support your efforts. See all of Our Services here.

Our Team

The Guruz Media team is made up 100% of people that love what they do and love doing it for our clients. As a team, we are results-oriented giving us a unique passion to understand and achieve your goals. A majority of our team has been together since our company’s original founding. Please take a few minutes to meet our team here.

Next Steps

If you are looking for a marketing company to support your efforts, we would love to speak with you. Let us understand your goals and objectives and give you an idea of how we would bring to bear all available marketing tools to achieve them. Contact us and put the Guruz to work for you.

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