Every great company has a great story to tell and in many cases video is the ideal way to tell it. We help our clients develop that story, capture it, and deliver it. Our holistic approach to video is not just about shooting and editing. Success starts well before we the first frame is captured. The Guruz team will help you define your story and create the script and storyboard to refine your message. At each stage we help you check that your brand voice is coming across clearly and that you are using all of the senses that video can capture. Once the story is perfected, shooting can begin. Our services include editing the video and outputting it in multiple versions to maximize the different video outlets and the related best practices. Having a great video is not the finish line, but rather the starting point. Guruz will come alongside you as the task transitions to distribution. Getting video views and the right views is key. How you host the video, formatting, tag it for search and enhance it with pre-roll and post-roll are all part of an effective digital video plan. Don’t miss a key step! Reach out to us using the form below or call us at 727-793-9068 and let’s explore how your story can be told.

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