Digital marketing is a really big topic — overwhelming, in fact, to many companies. We work to help our clients find the best options and execute on them. Guruz will help you maximize paid, earned, and organic digital reach opportunities and develop a solid strategy along with the schedule and tactics to execute on it.

The process starts with a full review of current digital marketing efforts and a careful study of the analytics related to those. The start point also includes helping you define your goals related to digital marketing. How can we use it to support your holistic marketing efforts? Are there unrealized opportunities using social media? Are you using the best possible call-to-action and engagement tactics? Are the landing pages supporting your external digital marketing effective? These and many other vital questions must be asked. Through this research and with the defined goals, we can help you use digital in expanded ways.

We also help our clients find the best tools and mediums available. Digital changes so rapidly it requires constant focus, research, and testing to stay ahead of the competition. We help our clients with a number of digital tools including:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Retargeting/ Remarketing
  • Social Media Targeted Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Ads
  • The use of live video
  • Industry segment digital ad selection
  • Using P.R. as a digital outreach
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Strategic landing page development
  • Social Media Strategy

This is just a partial list of the tools available today. With the vast universe of options, a key to success is finding the tools that are the best fit for your goals. At Guruz, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. We have developed expertise in the vast universe of digital tools so that we can help you determine which tools are right for you and then effectively help you maximize them. We would love the opportunity to explore your digital strategy. Fill out the short form below and we will be in touch for a free, no obligation evaluation.

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