Marketing to Musicians

Marketing to specifically reach and engage the millions of musicians around the world is an area of strength for Guruz Media. After completing hundreds of projects marketing to musicians and helping dozens of brands find their voice with musicians we have a unique depth of knowledge that we are excited to bring to our clients.

The Guruz team is made up of musicians and people that have been focused on marketing to musicians for years. Let us help you identify the best mediums to reach your target market. Our marketing support can help you develop your general marketing strategy or a specialized digital focus.

With our focus in this area we have developed unique customer targeting lists for guitarist, drummers and a broader music makers category. This provides for new ways to reach these players using various digital marketing tools.

Marketing To Guitarist

Guitar players are a large and important segment of the musician market. Through work with over a dozen companies focused on these players we have had the opportunity to refine our approach and determine what works and what does not. The way to message to guitar players is another area of specialization.

Marketing To Drummers

This is another sub-set of marketing to musicians that we focus on. We have run over one hundred campaigns marketing to drummers. We know what motivates them and gets their attention. We have explored where they are online and what they want to see. If you would like to market to drummers we would love to help you.

Where Musicians Shop

Another important area of expertise is in working with the online and brick and mortar music stores where musicians shop. We have relationships and cross-marketing opportunities with musical instrument retailers. We help our clients communicate with those stores, get their product into those stores or cross-promote with these great retailers.

At Guruz we are passionate about music making and the musicians that make it happen. We love to connect great products and brands with guitarist, drummers and musicians of all types. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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