Marketing musical instruments to musicians is a unique market segment. Several members of the Guruz Media team have over 20 years of experience in this area and each member of our team has deep knowledge in this market. We have provided marketing services for over 40 brands including guitar, drums, pro audio, DJ, lighting, band & orchestral, bass, and education. We have worked with all aspects of the industry including working regularly with factories, distributors, retailers, and consumers. This end-to-end immersion allows us to provide a level of marketing support that is far deeper than a typical marketing agency could offer.

We provide customized solution options to companies in the musical instrument industry. Below is a list of services that we currently provide:

  • Brand Development Consulting Services
  • Social Media Execution (ranging from strategy consulting to daily social media management)
  • Sales Channel Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Team Building Assistance
  • Full-Service Marketing (an outsourced full marketing department for your brand)
  • Responsive Web Site Development, Management, and Optimization Services
  • Digital Advertising Management
  • App Development and Deployment
  • Photography Services (product photos, social media imagery, visual planning)
  • Full Service Video Production
  • Packing and Point-Of-Sale Creative Development
  • Dealer Communication Optimization
  • Trade Show Design, Strategy, Marketing, or Full Execution
  • Product Development Process/ideation

We focus on working with you at the level where we can best help you achieve your goals. In some cases, that means us doing a single project for a music product brand. In other cases, we manage a segment of the marketing stack, like managing an aggressive digital marketing strategy. Guruz Media can also be your full marketing department, coming alongside you to achieve all of your brand goals. However we can best help you, we thrive on assisting our partners in reaching musicians and making sure that they know about your great product. Contact us using the form below or call us at 727-793-9068.

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